Property Styling

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Property StylingAre you wanting to change the look or freshen up areas in your home? Anna Rossi Design, will provide a professional and friendly service to assist you in achieving a result that reflects the needs and lifestyle of you and your family.

We will take into consideration your existing furniture and accessories and work within your budget. Simply rearranging the furniture can change the ambience of any room. Let’s not forget how de-cluttering too can make a huge difference. To finish off the look, we have access to a wide range of furniture, furnishings, accessories and services to compliment your home or change the interiors completely.

Pre-sale Property Styling

Presentation is everything. We understand that selling your property can take up a lot of your valuable time and can be stressful too. Buyers are becoming very savvy and demanding when looking to purchase either a home or investment property.

We will work within your budget and use your existing furniture or provide rental furniture where needed. Projects can vary from styling a few rooms by enhancing their best features or to totally style an empty property to create a new look. Either way, your property will be well presented and well positioned to achieve a better end result and have the advantage over similar properties within the area.

Renovations and New Builds

Anna Rossi Kitchen Designs

Property RenovationsWhether you are renovating or building your home, it is always a very exciting time. Knowing what you want is a great start. Anna Rossi Design offer innovative and imaginative ideas and solutions, to ensure the finish is extraordinary. We strive to achieve the ‘wow’ factor.

We understand that this can also be a time of uncertainties and overwhelming emotions. Whether you’re a first time renovator/builder or you have done this before, we can help make the process much simpler and easier. A fresh mind and fresh eye can make a world of difference.

When renovating, we will look at existing structures, access, space layouts and furniture to achieve the look you desire. When building, we can work with your plans to determine the best flow of traffic, select fixtures, finishes, accessories and colours. Either way, our services will ensure the process is fulfilling and rewarding.

Colour Consulting

Anna Rossi Colour consultant

Pre sale Porperty stylingColour can be such a strong element in your home and by choosing the right colour scheme, we can create the mood and the environment that mirrors you and your lifestyle.

With so many different hues of colours to choose from, finding the palette that best suits is not as easy as you think. Consideration needs to be taken with the existing elements, like furniture, floor coverings and accessories, as you don’t want this to be a costly process.

Anna Rossi Design can provide Colour Consultation Services to suit your needs and work with your existing elements and budget. We can guide you through the possible colour schemes and help you create the tone and mood which will enhance the overall personality of your home.

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